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Handmade Soaps

Handmade Soaps
Handmade Soaps
Handmade Soaps
Handmade Soaps
Handmade Soaps
Handmade Soaps
Handmade Soaps
Handmade Soaps

All bars are hand cut to 1 1/8in thick and vary slightly between 5-5.5oz.

All bars leave skin feeling clean, soft, and moisturized.


Oatmeal Milk + Honey soap is gently exfoliating and super moisturizing.
Goat's milk cleanses skin without stripping or dehydrating it. It aids in Ph balance, is a natural source of alpha hydroxy acids known to rejuvenate the skin, and is packed with vitamins, minerals and proteins to nourish skin naturally. Oatmeal exfoliates skin revealing a healthy, natural glow. Honey is a luxurious moisturizing ingredient your skin will love, and naturally colors the soap.

Oatmeal Milk + Honey fragrance is a warm blend of oatmeal, milk, honey and almond.

Coconut Milk is a warm tropical fragrance that has hints of warm vanilla and musk.

Sea La Vie: Our sweet smelling nautical scent. A beautiful bright teal color, and a fragrance mix of ripe citrus, sea salt and fresh florals.

Coastal Calm: A beautiful scent of soft woods and watery florals. Naturally colored with Indigo powder.

Seaweed & Sea Salt: this fragrance reminds us of warm beach days! Made with kelp powder + granules. Fresh, beachy aroma of sea spray, jasmine + mandarin.

Seaberry: If you're a fan of raspberry or fruity scents, you will love this soap. Smells of rich, delicious raspberries.


Our soap base is made with saponified oils of coconut, olive and soybean.
~palm oil free~

Bar soap will last much longer if kept dry between uses. It's helpful to place on a draining soap dish or on a clean hand towel between use.


Photo Credit: Leslie McKellar @ Old Whaling Co. 

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