About Us


Welcome to Sandy Johns! 

The mission of our store is to continue the easygoing legacy which was established by my late Aunt Sandy and Uncle John. 

You could say having the warmth of summer in my soul is in my blood.  

My husband and I built an adventurous, yet simple life with our boys. 

We recognized the importance of less is more, so we focus on the simple pleasures in life, like making memories as a family.

We love spending time outdoors and traveling to our favorite place,

the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

We crave the salt air, hearing the relaxing sound of the ocean and value the laid back pace of coastal living. 

The products we are supplying you in our store are just some of the ones we love and we hope that you find them just as enjoyable as we do!

They are unique and will hopefully bring warmth to your soul just like time spent on the coast.  

So how does this all tie to my Aunt and Uncle?


Meet Sandy and John

They lived their best life traveling and camping with their family and friends on the Carolina Coast.  It was their escape from their small town living in PA.  
They were delighted to entertain their loved ones at their campsite, never thinking of themselves, just truly enjoying the company of others. 
Sandy, a classy seamstress, with an amazing jewelry collection. She had a passion for fashion, especially, Black Friday Deals and QVC.  
She had that comforting vibe, which would radiate when she was entertaining her family.
John was a hardworking electrician with a laid back personality. When he wasn't with Sandy, you could find him shooting the shit with his buddies throwing back a few beers. He loved to go fishing and hunting with his family.  
His signature style was pocket tees to have a place to tuck away his smokes. 
Together they built a life full of generosity and warm memories with their family which resulted in one hell of a legacy.