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Pumkin Almond Biscotti

Pumkin Almond Biscotti

One Medium or Large Pillar Candle

Scent Pumpkin Almond Biscotti

Imagine that it’s a COOL autumn day… You’re keeping you warm by a beach bonfire with your favorite hot pumpkin drink. The steaming delight is topped with a drizzle of sweet, creamy caramel and paired with a freshly baked, crisp Almond Biscotti cookie. The waves are rolling softly at your feet and the fragrances of FALL are mingling together in perfect harmony.

In the air is the aroma of fresh baked pumpkin, swirled with cinnamon, cloves, and a touch of sweet creamy caramel … followed by notes of soft, SMOOTH toasted almonds. And I’m pretty sure that makes me the coolest, smoothest pumpkin candle around.

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